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APH Elementary Contest Entry: Florence by prettyangel93 APH Elementary Contest Entry: Florence by prettyangel93
:iconrelievedplz: Phew...took me a while to finish this..and I got lazy in adding shades to the panel, but it looks okay :D

So this is a new APH OC for :iconaph-elementary: but she's city OC instead so yeah,
I also might do 2 more if I can finish them though XD
:bulletgreen:Name: Florenza Vargas

:bulletgreen:City: Florence, Italy
:bulletgreen:Nicknames: Flower, florry, enza

:bulletgreen:Age: 18

:bulletgreen:Subjects: Science and art

:bulletgreen:Personality: Florenza is an energetic and friendly girl, who likes to make friends all around her and likes to help around. She's very talkative and will not hesitate when she talks to new people; although she has some problems when she talks to people who rarely talk. She's very laid back, so she wouldn't have much stress. She only boasts to her friends and can be overconfident sometimes. When it comes to tasks, she'll become dependent and ask for help if the task becomes hard. Though she is not good at fighting, she prepares traps whenever she feels there will a fight with her or her friends. 

:bulletgreen:Strengths: Her creativity in art and trade is strong and likes to decorate things, agile with her hands and is very positive. 

:bulletgreen:Weaknesses: needs some time to adapt in new environments, not very physically active and has a bad sense of direction.

:bulletgreen:Flaws: She has a habit of eating in class and often gets caught.

:bulletgreen:Likes: Hats, clothes, arts and science since she finds the subject very interesting.

:bulletgreen:Dislikes: getting lost, liars, people teasing her, negative people and heights

:bulletred:Bulgaria/Marko: They seem to be friendly with each other. They like to talk things on topic or off-topics if they relate.
:bulletred:England/Arthur:  She seems to be a bit distant from him, but she tends to walk over and ask him for help.
:bulletred:Estonia/Eduard:  Florenza is friendly with him and mostly talk of technology
:bulletred:Latvia/Raivis: Even though he is quite timid, she talks with him and soon became good friends.
:bulletred:Iceland/Emil: Florenza is a bit distant from him next to Arthur, but she want to interact more with him and become friends.
:bulletred:Kosovo/Lindita: Florenza likes being with her. She enjoys chatting with her and likes how honest she is.
:bulletred:New Zealand/Kate They are in good terms with each other, but they rarely talk with each other and whenever they do talk, it gets a bit awkward.
:bulletred:Romania/Vasilica At first, she finds him weird but soon, she begins to be more energetic to him due to his positive personality.
:bulletred:Monaco/Monique:  They are good friends with each other. They like to chat topics about art.
:bulletred:Greece/Heracles: They get along well but she wonders why he mostly sleeps. She likes his cats though.
:bulletred:Li Xiao/Hong Kong: Florenza's interested in his art, but they rarely talk to each other since she has trouble talking with silent people.
:bulletred:Poland/Feliks: Florenza likes being with him. She enjoys chatting with him especially when talking about clothes and arts.
:bulletred:Thailand/Somchai: Due to his friendliness, they get along well. She's also interested in his arts like Li Xiao's.

:bulletgreen:Ships: ...I don't know yet...but I'm fine if she's paired with someone :3

Florence OC (c) :iconprettyangel93:
Elementary/ Maricela (c) :iconmelonstyle:
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X-I-L2048 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
She's cute. :) I like her hairstyle and beret.
Artizonial Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist
ahhh shes so cute..! .o.
poi-rozen Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah, looks really great so far! you did very well! vuv
melonstyle Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013
Awww this OC is such a cutie! i've been to Florence before actually and I'm glad you picked Art as the option subject yes very good Thanks so much for entering my contest! :D
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